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The motivational guide Life Notes: Celebrating Everyday Blessings bears witness to the triumph of the human spirit and provides keen insight into the essence of life. A collection of heartwarming, funny, and poignant stories, Life Notes celebrates the journey of life—the good times and the bad—and the everyday blessings they bring.

Filled with priceless lessons in living and giving, Life Notes delivers powerful and enduring messages of hope, faith, and courage. Author Vera Turner shares insights from her personal experiences and from the lives of the remarkable people who have crossed her path. Witness life-defining moments that will cause you to pause and reflect on the deeper meaning of life—and to be grateful for all that you have.

In this compilation of deeply personal writings, Turner tells of her humble beginnings and experiences that inspired her to make a difference in the world. The triumph of the human spirit is evident as ordinary people maneuver through daily life with grace and dignity, overcoming incredible obstacles to discover and celebrate their everyday blessings.

Book Excerpt

At some point in our lives we all experience difficult times: the loss of a loved one; betrayal by a person we believed to have been a friend; being passed over for a promotion that we rightfully earned; and a myriad of other unsettling events that hurl us into an emotional tailspin. Ironically, it is when we are going through  trying times that we are in a position to receive our greatest blessings and to learn some of life’s most profound lessons. Underneath all the pain and suffering there is always a deeper meaning, an important life lesson to be learned that will help to enrich our lives…I realize that no matter how painful my experiences were at the time of their occurrence, they were a blessing. The experiences gave me a new perspective on life. They helped to bring my world into sharper focus, allowing me to see that everyone isn’t always who he or she presents himself to be, and everything isn’t always what it seems. Now, instead of wishing away the difficult times, I give thanks for the blessings that come along with them. Because I know that I will get through the trials, a much stronger and wiser woman for having made the journey.

When difficulties are overcome they begin blessings.
-- Proverb --


Part One:
The Blessings In Cultivating Friendships

Part Two: The Blessings In Giving To Others

Part Three: The Blessings In Living with An Attitude Of Gratitude

Part Four: The Blessings In Embracing Your Calling In Life

Part Five: Celebrate Your Everyday Blessings

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Publisher: iUniverses
HC ISBN: 9780-595-674138; ISBN: 978-0-595-36753-5
Book will be available for purchase at iUniverses.com and Amazon.com

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