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The award-wining Life Notes Television has received eleven Telly Awards for outstanding local and regional cable programming. During the show Vera shares her personal experiences and life lessons learned along the way. 

Using her unique brand of inspiration and wit, Vera presents powerful and enduring messages of hope, faith, courage, and determination. Emphasis is placed on strategies for living a more purposeful life, overcoming adversity, and achieving success.

Guests include people from throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area and from across the country, who are leading extraordinary lives and serving as a beacon of light for others. They share their personal stories, providing insight on the good works that they do on behalf of others. 

Do you know someone who is doing extraordinary work within their community--- someone who gives unselfishly of his or her time to help others, is an excellent role model for our youth, has a special talent or gift and uses that talent to serve others, or has overcome insurmountable odds to achieve success?  If yes, drop us a line and tell us about this special person. 

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