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1.) A Safe Place  (2006 Telly Award)


 2.) Adoption (2005 Telly Award)


 3.) Beating the Odds Against Breast Cancer  (2005 Telly Award)   


 4.) Breaking the Cycle of Abuse 


 5.) Diabetes (2005 Telly Award)


 6.) Discovering Your Life's Work  (2006 Telly Award)


 7.) Going The Distance (2004 Telly Award)


 8.) HIV/AIDS (2004 Telly Award) 


 9.) Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father: Taking Care of Elderly
(2006 Telly Award)


 10.) Investing in Our Youth: The Leaders of Tomorrow 


 11.) It Takes a Village to Raise a Child   


 12.) Missionary Work at Home and Abroad


 13.) Saving Our Children Part I 


 14.) Saving Our Children Part II  (2004 Telly Award) 


 15.) Second Chances: A New Start for Ex-Offenders


 16.) Striving for a Healthier, Happier You


 17.) Teens and Suicide Prevention (2005 Telly Award)


 18.) Telling Our Stories


 19.) The Homeless (2005 Telly Award)


 20.) The Magic of Words


In addition to these featured programs, we have many other ideas on the drawing board that we will be unveiling. Although we have developed a dynamic slate of programs, we always welcome your suggestions. If you have an idea that you think would make a great show topic, send us an email.



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